• 2016 NEWS

    We're SO excited to announce a sneak peek of our improved branding and NEW packaging for our beloved Silver Medal winning MACNUTS, our popular vegan friendly Dark 72% MACNUTS and barcoded labels for your favourites in the CHOCKABLOCK range.

    To prepare for this, our Flash Sale this weekend will help in clearing packaging labels with freshly made chocolate stock (made on Thursday), in order to transition into our new packaging next month. 

    Also next month, we will resume our online store trading with Valentine's Day boxes and then release our special range for EASTER! 

    Our second piece of BIG NEWS is to announce that we have been listening to your concerns about shipping prices and have worked hard to determine how we can help you with this. It's necessary for us to ship in styrofoam boxes to ensure your goods are delivered perfectly, and it's also important to us to use a courier company so we can control the conditions upon which your parcel is sent...

    With this in mind, we have since negotiated with our courier company about the details, and with a few other minor changes and our 2016 schedule in mind, we are now able to offer a FLAT RATE $9.00 SHIPPING! Woo Hoo! 

    We can't wait to share KOKOPOD with you this year and look forward to the journey ahead xoxo 

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