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    We'd just like to Thank our loyal followers for their support recently, with the news of our new arrival!  Estelle Rayne was born Monday 20th July and she is pure perfection. As we take a few weeks to slow down and adjust, we will update you on our schedule for where you will find us at markets via social media and this blog. In the meantime, we will keep some of your favourites in our online store for those munchies you can't curb!  Thanks again for all the love <3      

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    Delivery has now been closed for Mother's Day orders!  You can still find us this Saturday at the Carseldine Markets on Beams Road, at the old QUT campus from 6-12pm.  We will have all of our online stock as well as a few extra products. To secure your stash, order online and enter the code PICKUP to collect on Saturday without being charged shipping.  See you then Brisbane! xo

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  • Gourmand & Gourmet's Market Stall of the Week!

    "We are enamoured with their fudgy peanut butter and raspberry brownies, and wild for their English toffees crusted with smooth, dark chocolate. Caramel popcorn rocky road sends us to dizzying heights of ardour, and we can polish off a honeycomb choc-a-block in a single night of passion (and we are not ashamed to admit it). But all this aside, the Macnuts are the pinnacle of our obsession. Caramelised roasted macadamias covered in chocolate and dusted with fine cocoa powder come in classic, mocha, or dark, just like the handsome men whose hearts we would break to get our hands on them."
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