KOKOPOD was born out of a Brisbane girl's obsession with European chocolate & her desire to share with family and friends the finest quality chocolate not available in Australian stores. At just 16 years old on an exchange to Germany, her host father worked for a worldwide commercial chocolate company and Brigid couldn't believe the chocolate supplies stored in their kitchen cupboards! There were even slices of chocolate purposefully made to fit a slice of toast. Needless to say, her suitcase returning home was packed with 16kg of chocolate and each subsequent visit to follow saw a similar situation with one trip JUST escaping the 2000Euro excess baggage fine....

Brigid Woolnough & her team are constantly working to develop & perfect new & innovative ideas with a focus on quality & attention to detail through pairing the best of what Switzerland has to offer in couverture with the best flavours in Australian produce.

Brigid is also supported by her loving husband and three young children.


As the word spread, KOKOPOD'S online store became just one way to satisfy the cravings of gourmet chocolate lovers across Australia. There are also multiple stockists in Australia & even Singapore. See our stockist page for more details.


On the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in a purpose designed commercial kitchen.


It's bold, fresh & handcrafted to perfection. The brand is also decorated with multiple Gold & Silver medals from renowned Australian fine food awards. KOKOPOD uses locally sourced products where possible & proudly uses quality Swiss chocolate. Felchlin have re-defined 'Fair Trade' with their strong sustainability focus and integral values & is committed to working closely with farmers to ensure they are paid above recommended Fair-trade prices for cacao & that the environmental conditions for cacao cultivation are not compromised.


The journey began back in 2012 while founder Brigid was on maternity leave from her Primary Teaching position. During this time, her passion to understand the true depth of chocolate resulted in a six week course at a chocolate school based in Melbourne. With arranged care for her toddler, Brigid would spend her days learning the practicality of chocolate under Australia's leading chocolatiers and nights studying the science while her baby slept. 

Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit & a registered home-based kitchen, Brigid's original idea of wedding cakes & chocolate favours transpired into real-life events. It became apparent that there was a lull in the wedding 'off' season & therefore a range of KOKOPOD chocolates were created to be sold at local markets across Brisbane in winter. Before long, these treats were in seriously high demand! 

Four years, extensive study with chocolate experts in Australia & internationally, multiple trade / corporate / private events, G20 supply, the beginnings of wholesale & hours upon hours of trial & error where the business eventually outgrew its domestic space & in 2017, Brigid & her family took the plunge to relocate into a purpose designed chocolate manufacturing space on the Sunshine Coast with the sole focus of supplying quality chocolate nation-wide. 

The REAL journey has just begun...